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 </​code>​ </​code>​
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 <code python> <code python> example show +kvm-admin example show 
-/​usr/​bin/​kvm -vnc :1 -monitor ​unix:/var/run/kvm/example.socket,server,nowait +This string would executed: 
--boot d -smp 2 -net nic,macaddr=00:​50:​00:​00:​00:​10,model=virtio +/​usr/​bin/​kvm -uuid 0bcd5138-41bf-a5c0-0627-4e0b65d3871f ​-monitor ​tcp,​localhost,​4444,​server,​nowait -rtc clock=host,​base=utc -runas kvm -M pc -drive file=/dev/mapper/VG-example,if=virtio,​index=0,​media=disk,boot=off,​cache=none ​-drive file=/​path/​to/​my_cd_img.iso,if=virtio,index=1,​media=cdrom,​boot=on -daemonize -net nic -net tap,​ifname=example,​script=/​etc/​kvm/​scripts/​kvm-ifup,​downscript=/​etc/​kvm/​scripts/​kvm-ifdown ​-cpu core2duo ​-pidfile /​var/​run/​kvm/​ -name example,​process=example
--net tap,​ifname=example,​script=/​etc/​kvm/​scripts/​kvm-ifup,​downscript=/​etc/​kvm/​scripts/​kvm-ifdown +
--pidfile /​var/​run/​kvm/​ ​ +
--nographic  +
--cdrom debian-netinst.iso +
--parallel /​dev/​parport0  +
--usb  +
--name example ​ +
--usbdevice tablet +
--k de -m 265 -daemonize +
--hda /​var/​lib/​kvm/​test.img+
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 [[wiki:​experiences/​igraltist/​kvm#​|Top]] [[wiki:​experiences/​igraltist/​kvm#​|Top]]
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