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Theses are benchmarks made with :

  • RSBAC version 1.2.3.
  • Linux Kernel Gentoo Hardened RSBAC 2.6.7-r10
  • GCC 3.3.4
  • PaX is enabled everywhere as in Gentoo Quickstart
  • Gentoo 2004.3 in Single User Mode
  • A Pentium-M 733 ULW (Dohan) @ 1.1Ghz, speedstep Off

All tests were run 3 times and the average calculated in second. We are compiling a vanilla 2.6.9 kernel from

Four kernels have been tested:

  • Vanilla Hardened, means rsbac-dev-sources, features Gentoo 2.6.7 patchset and Hardened patchset and RSBAC off. (No framework)
  • RC + Auth
  • All RSBAC Options On
  • Default Gentoo RSBAC kernel as specified in the Gentoo Quickstart

Real represents the real time spent, in seconds User represents the total of CPU-seconds in user mode Sys represents the total of CPU-seconds in kernel mode Lower is better.

real user sys
Vanilla 656 619 26
RC+Auth 661 619 34
Gentoo 664 620 44
All On 679 623 58

All theses values are percentages of performance decrease, based on Vanilla = 100 percent. Lower is better.

real_p user_p sys_p
Vanilla 100 100 100
RC+Auth 100,7 100 130,7
Gentoo 101,2 100,1 169,23
All On 103,5 100,6 223,07


As you can see, only the kernel mode time increase significantly in RSBAC 1.2.3, but there are only very few actions done in this mode so it doesn't really affect the real time very much.

To sum it up, we have a 1.2% difference of real time taken with a production kernel setup (Gentoo config), only 0.7% on a RC+Auth only enabled kernel, and a bigger 3.5% with every single option on.

documentation/benchmarks/rsbac_1.2.3.txt · Last modified: 2007/02/19 16:12 by kang

documentation/benchmarks/rsbac_1.2.3.txt · Last modified: 2007/02/19 16:12 by kang
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