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Stable: 1.4.9

  • 3.14.y
  • 3.12.y
  • 3.10.y

Patched kernels
Includes vanilla kernel with the RSBAC patch

  • 3.14.28
  • 3.14.27
  • 3.12.35
  • 3.10.64

Enhanced kernels
Combined patches with RSBAC and PaX, less well tested

External RSBAC+PaX
Maintained by m-privacy

RSBAC source code, can be unstable sometimes

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No events planned

Mailing Lists

Please join the RSBAC mailing-list (rsbac@rsbac.org) by sending a mail to rsbac-request@rsbac.org with ‘subscribe’ as single line in the body, if you want to discuss things and get informed about plans and changes.

You can also consult our primary list archive (secondary). Old articles from the old mailing-list (1998) are archived.

There is also a Russian RSBAC mailing-list (rsbac@linux.ru), you can join it by sending a mail with ‘subscribe’ as subject to rsbac-request@linux.ru.

Contact the RSBAC team


In case you don’t want to make your case public, you can also mail the main RSBAC author, Amon Ott (ao@rsbac.org) for any questions, tips, etc. You can use his GPG key, but please do not use his PGP 2.6.3i key, as it is only being used for backwards compatible package signing.

Kernel, userland code, enhanced kernels, bots.

Kernel and userland programming.

Documentation & Website

Documentation and website.

Website design, scm engine.



Recruitment, team structure, Freenode contact. If you need a cloak or want to help us - you are welcome! :)

  • For general questions or rapid answers, if you haven’t found them in the documentation or mailing-lists, you can reach the RSBAC irc channel.
  • Development only channel RSBAC dev channel.

Professional support

If you like RSBAC, please consider helping in the development, or ordering RSBAC professional services, they allow us to keep going !


The official German impressum is at http://www.rsbac.org/impressum.


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