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RSBAC installation is pretty straight forward. You do not need to reinstall a complete system, thus, upgrading your Linux system to RSBAC is an easy task.

  • Installing from packages is the easy way and supported for your Linux distribution.
  • Installing from source require a bit more knowledge and handwork, but it might offer you more flexibility (you could add your own additional patches).

The RSBAC access control framework, while giving a global system protection through mandatory privilege separation does not solve every security issue. It is advised to use a SSP and PIE aware distribution.

We suggest you to read about Stack-smashing_protection (SSP) and Position_independent_code (PIE) first, for more information about these technologies.

To this day, the only distribution using these features, that we are aware of is Hardened Gentoo.

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documentation/rsbac_handbook/installation.txt · Last modified: 2007/10/30 16:05 by
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