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 +== Deprecate decision modules PAX and DAZ ==
 +//Tuesday, 31/​Mar/​2020//​
 +PAX and DAZ support are now marked as deprecated. PaX has not been freely available for years and the Dazuko interface seems obsolete, too. For on-access malware scanning, I recommend the UDF module.
 +If noone protests within the next few weeks, I am going to remove the related code.
 +== RSBAC for kernel 5.4 ==
 +//​Wednesday,​ 27/​Nov/​2019//​
 +RSBAC has been ported to kernel 5.4. Please test and report bugs to the bugtracker at https://​bugtracker.rsbac.org or to this list.
 +As usual, you find the latest patches at https://​download.rsbac.org/​latestdiff/​5.4/​ and the Git repo at https://​git.rsbac.org/​cgi-bin/​gitweb.cgi?​p=linux-5.4.y.git;​a=summary
 == New DokuWiki version == == New DokuWiki version ==
 //Monday, 14/​Jan/​2019//​ //Monday, 14/​Jan/​2019//​
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