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Michal Purzynski (michal)

Areas Kernel and userland
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My current todo list

This are things i am currently working on

  1. Get Xen working with RSBAC. Add SCD:xen control for xen administration.
  2. Implement RSBAC attributes support in common tools, like ps (already done and kicking on my top secret private system), id, ls

My private todo list

What i would like to work on someday


To be discussed ideas

  1. Learning mode - introduce additional interception for recording access trails to resources. Such an access would be added to existing policy as granted. Add role, user, program attribute learning_mode indicating that subject currently is in a learning state. Modules that will benefit - CAP (substituting its current learning mode), JAIL (same for capabilities restrictions), AUTH (also replace), RES, RC. For RES it would allow having fine tuned values what is impossible to do now. In RC we would learn only access modes to objects, necesary roles and object types which were declared earlier.
  1. Authentication information managment - um_aim


Something i would like to change, but do not have currently idea about doing it in a proper way

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