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The first part

When you hit this site I guess you have successfully boot your RSBAC system and RC is waiting to setup. All is depend on the proper setup of the RC module.

Most linux distribution using the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard. The first two colums in the table below refer to the RC type number and RC type name. I use my system so some directories maybe differ on your system.

NumberName Directory Description
0General_FD / Primary hierarchy root and root directory of the entire file system hierarchy.
1Security_FD/home/admin/securityHome directory for the security user.
2Root_FD/rootHome directory for the root user.
3bin_FD/binEssential command binaries that need to be available in single user mode; for all users, e.g., cat, ls, cp.
4sbin_FD/sbinEssential system binaries, e.g., init, ip, mount.he binaries in /bin/ and /sbin/.
3bin_FD/usr/binNon-essential command binaries (not needed in single user mode); for all users.
4sbin_FD/usr/sbinNon-essential system binaries, e.g., daemons for various network-services.
5lib_FD/libLibraries essential for the binaries in /bin/ and /sbin/.
5lib_FD/usr/lib*Libraries for the binaries in /usr/bin/ and /usr/sbin/.
6var_run_FD/var/runInformation about the running system since last boot, e.g., currently logged-in users and running daemons.
7var_log_FD/var/logLog files. Various logs.
8home_admins_FD/home/adminsHome base directory for admin users.
9home_users_FD/home/usersHome base directory for ordinary users.
100init_FD/sbin/initPath to init binary.

* must setup on /lib32 or /lib64 and /lib is just a symlink


Now create RSBAC rc_types based on table above.

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wiki/experiences/igraltist/booting.txt · Last modified: 2012/08/18 16:14 by
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