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 Thats all. Thats all.
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 The content of the script '/​etc/​kvm/​scripts/​kvm-ifup'​ The content of the script '/​etc/​kvm/​scripts/​kvm-ifup'​
 <code bash> <code bash>
-#!/bin/sh +#!/usr/bin/env python
-ifconfig="/​sbin/​ifconfig"​ +
-brctl="/​sbin/​brctl"​ +
-echo "​Executing /​etc/​kvm/​scripts/​kvm-ifup"​ +import sys 
-echo "​Bringing up ${1} for bridged mode..."​ +import os 
-sudo ${ifconfig} ${1} promisc up +from subprocess import call
-echo "​Adding ${1} to bridge ${bridge} ..." +
-sudo ${brctl} addif ${bridge} ${1}+
-# wait a moment +def add_iface_to_bridge():​ 
-sleep +    ​try:​ 
-</​code>​+        iface = sys.argv[1
 +        bridge = os.environ["​bridge_%s"​ % iface] 
 +        cmd = ["​brctl",​ "​addif",​ bridge, iface] 
 +        call(cmd) 
 +        iface_up = ["​ip",​ "​link",​ "​set",​ iface, "​up"​] 
 +        call(iface_up) 
 +    except KeyError, e: 
 +        print str(e)
-You can see this is a shell script.\\ + 
-The '​${1}'​ is the argument in the '​ifname'​. \\ +add_iface_to_bridge()  ​ 
-In the example above it would replace with '​rsbac'​ otherwise if is was not set '​tap0'​.\\ +</​code>​
-Then its use sudo because my guest starts with unprivileged user '​kvm'​ which have in normal case no rights to do adminstrative +
-tasks.\\ +
-This line 'sudo ${brctl} addif ${bridge} ${1}' add the new create '​tap'​ device to the bridge.+
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