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-===== Init =====+
 == RC role for init process == == RC role for init process ==
-The ``init`` never change to a force roleso therefor ​no reason to build such one.+The ``init`` never change to a RC force role so therefore ​no reason to build such one.
-Save this as shell script.+Example:
 <​code>​ <​code>​
 # init detached BOOT_ROLE 999999 ​ # init detached BOOT_ROLE 999999 ​
Line 55: Line 55:
 ROLE=100 ROLE=100
 FILE="/​sbin/​init"​ FILE="/​sbin/​init"​
-NAME="Init"+NAME="INIT_F" ​ # names convention, I use for all RC role upper letters and suffix _F (force role) and _I (initial role)
 # create role # create role
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-===== Toplevel Directories ======+ 
 +== SSH RC role == 
 +The sshd has some special behavior. 
 +The daemon only need a RC initial role and apply those to /​usr/​sbin/​sshd and as RC force apply the inherit from user role. 
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